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Changing your nails should be as easy as changing shoes – and ManiMe can help.

David Miro Llopis and I are the founders of ManiMe. We created this company to make accessible, healthy and easy-to-change manicures — all words that rarely describe traditional manicures.

Our solution is the first-ever custom-fit stick on gels developed with proprietary 3D technology.

They can be self-applied or removed in moments, making time-consuming and damaging treatments a ritual of the past.

I started the search for accessible manicure solutions while attending Stanford Business School. I’m originally from Korea where we have a deep appreciation for beauty services and treatments. However, I was tired of immobilizing my hands for two hours in a salon saturated in chemicals.

I was intimidated by the shared tools and the drills used to remove gel manicures. I dreamed that changing my nail style could be as simple as changing my shoes. And while I explored the limited selection of “stick-on” nails, they weren’t a seamless fit for my nail size and I didn’t want to sacrifice quality.

I mentioned this challenge to my classmate David and he embraced the opportunity to find a solution. David is well-versed in online marketplaces, and as a bonus, he is a painter and passionate about self-expression. He was particularly excited about building a community around nail art and promoting this form of self-expression. 

At Stanford we became “Manicure Girl” and “Manicure Boy”, always wearing our ManiMe prototypes and hosting manicure parties.

Simply scan your hands, select your design, and receive your #hightechmani in the comfort of your own home. Our toxin and cruelty-free stick-on gels can be applied in 5 minutes or less.

This is the reason we chose the ManiMe name. It merges “mani” and “many,” a reference to the nail design varieties we unlock. While “Me” reflects our personalization capabilities and means beauty in asian characters (美 미).

Welcome to the future of manis!

Jooyeon Song,


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